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    Outlook Calender (2000)

    Running Outlook 2000 and want to "play around" with importing some other PIM's data files into my Calendar to see how it works (looks and works.) I know I can backup my Calendar to another sub-folder, but I'm looking for a way to delete all the data in my existing Calendar so I can view the imported data as clean.

    I have tried setting the option in Outlook to run with "other credentials," but this just doesn't seem to want to work. I created another user (BTW OS=WinXP Pro) with power user rights and Outlook doesn't even show this user in the dropdown selection box. Once I switched that user to Admin level, it showed in the pull down. From there it presents various error msg's like can't find Outlook.exe or just will not start Outlook. There is an Outlook in the Task Manager, but no matter what, Outlook will not start. If I remove the "other credentials" option Outlook runs just fine.

    This project started out as a simple "honey-do." My wife is still using Sidekick95 as her PIM and has many years of data. She refuses to just start over with another PIM and loose the history. She wants her history. And I'm sure many of you know that "what mama wants, mama gets!" She doesn't particularly want Outlook, but I know that Outlook can directly read the native Sidekick file. So I figure once I get it into Outlook, my options open up to export in many newer formats. That's why I need a clean and empty Calendar file.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Mike Hayes

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    Re: Outlook Calender (2000)

    If you want to clear your calendar (after making a backup), use View | Current View to switch to or create a view that displays all appointments in a list; you can then select everything (Ctrl+A) and send it to the Deletede Items folder (Del).

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