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    Web based PP2k sklides

    When trying to help a fellow worker create a web based PP2k presentation, I always ended up with web pages that showed both the Outline, the slide, and notes. All we want is for the slides to show with navigation buttons to get from one to the next. Tried just about everything & consulted a few books all with no luck. Can just slides + navigation buttons be created in PP2k?

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    Re: Web based PP2k sklides

    Yes they can. What view are you in when you are saving?
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    Re: Web based PP2k sklides

    I tried saving the presentation in several diferent views including Slide Sorter & Normal. I still ended up with a web page that had 3 panes: Outline pane, slide pane, and a notes pane. If I remember right I never had this problem in Office 97.
    Thanks for getting back to me.

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