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    GoTo Control Macro (2000)

    Hello ,

    I am trying to use write a macro using the 'GoTo Control' command which can automatically goto the record 'Iss No' which is in a sub table.
    I would be grateful if you could tell me the coding for this.
    See example1.


    (Screenshot reduced in size by HansV to prevent horizontal scrolling)
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    Re: GoTo Control Macro (2000)

    Setting focus to a control in a subform is a two-step process:
    1. Set focus to the subform as a control on the main form.
    2. Set focus to the control in the subform.
    So you must create a macro with two GoToControl actions. Set the Control Name argument of the first GoToControl to the name of the subform as a control on the main form, and the ControlName argument of the second one to the name of the control on the subform. See MSKB article ACC2000: How to Set Focus to a Subform Control Using GoToControl.

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