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    UN-Wanted Format Change (Excel 97 SR-2)

    I have 2 columns which are formatted custom (dd/mm/yyyy) which I am Concatenating together... (one of the columns is always blank)... so I can merge two lists of dates into one. When I use the formula: =IF((EXACT(A2,B2)),B2,CONCATENATE(A2,B2)) it works fine with the EXACT test... and the first date when both columns are the same... yet when one is blank and it fails to the False response... it gives me the date as a number... not in the custom date format...
    The cell still shows as formatted custom (dd/mm/yyyy), but it gives a number (37868) instead of the date (04/09/2003). How do I fix this?

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    Re: UN-Wanted Format Change (Excel 97 SR-2)

    CONCATENATE glues strings together, the resulting value is always a string. To enable Excel to display it as a date, you must convert the result to a number:


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