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Thread: Form Results ?

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    Form Results ?

    I created a form page using FP2k template. I accepted all the defaults which look the same as in the Help files and the "dummies" book. Published. Went to the form, on line, and entered something in every field and submitted. Got the FP default confirmation page and then left the internet. Went to FP and the default -private/form.txt file. Notepad popped up but it was blank. I am missing something here. Or could it be that my server needs to set something up on his end? How is it supposed to work? I'm at a loss. Can anyone please explain the process?

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    Re: Form Results ?

    From FrontPage, go to the form that you created. Right-click on the form and select Form Properties.
    Under the "Where to store results" browse to a file location (or type one in). I created a blank new webpage and called it FormResults.htm
    If you click on Options, you can choose the file type of the form results page.

    The easiest way to create a Form is to use the Form Wizard (it's one of the options under File-New), so you can try that if you haven't done too much work already on your first form.

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