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    post 300492 (Access 2002/ Windows 2000 svcpk3)

    Hans, thanks for the help you've given me in the past. Sorry it's been so long since I was in here. I am still working on my report. The post regarding embedding subreports was very helpful, and I was finally able to do that.

    However, now I'm wondering if it would be possible to combine three reports using a similar method. I have data for 'Daily Press Runs', 'Special Section Press Runs' and 'TMC product Press Runs'. I would like to be able to create one report from the three I currently have, that would group the data according to these headings, with detail, and subtotal information; then also have a Grand Total at the end that combines the data. Can I do that by embedding the reports I have as subreports? Would all of this information have to go in the Report Footer?

    Am I asking for the moon?

    Sherry Stuck

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    Re: post 300492 (Access 2002/ Windows 2000 svcpk3)

    Hi Sherry,

    You can put the three reports as subreports in the detail section of a blank new report. But there may be other methods, so I would like to ask you some questions:

    Are the data for "Daily Press Runs", "Special Section Press Runs" and "TMC Product Press Runs" in three separate tables?
    Do these have the same structure, or almost the same with some differences, or are they mostly different from each other?

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