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    Driver development kits (DDK's) (Word97/XP)


    Not sure it this is the correct forum to post this.
    From Word templates I want to program & communicate with the printers/printer drivers.
    Its been suggested to me to use the Driver Development kit (DDK's).
    I have to order this kit.

    However I'm alittle confused.
    Therefore is the Driver Development kit is that for Windows or Office?
    eg is it supported on Win NT 4.0 so I need to order the Windows NT 4.0 DDK?

    has anyone else programmed using the DDK?
    can you shed any light?
    many thanks & regards Diana

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    Re: Driver development kits (DDK's) (Word97/XP)

    The DDK is a "Windows" product. More information:

    Display and Print Devices: Windows DDK > Design Guide
    Display and Print Devices: Windows DDK > Reference

    MSDN Subscriber Downloads lists the following available DDKs:

    Windows NT DDK for Windows NT Workstation 3.51 (English) 9 Mar 2000
    Windows NT DDK (for Windows NT Workstation 4.0 U.S.) (English) 19 Aug 1998
    Windows 98 DDK (English) 9 Mar 1999
    Windows 2000 DDK (August 2000) (English) 18 Aug 2000
    Windows XP Driver Development Kit (DDK) (English) 21 Sept 2001
    Windows XP SP1 Driver Development Kit (DDK) (English) 14 Nov 2002
    Windows Server 2003 DDK 9 Apr 2003

    I suspect that you don't really need all of these to deal with printer drivers, since you aren't going to be writing your own drivers (are you?). But I couldn't say exactly which ones you will need. A good case for tech support, perhaps.

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