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    excel dictionaries

    I'm on a Win98 Office97 Excel and need to know how to get the portuguese dictionary I use in Word to operate in Excel? Does anyone know how to get this access so I do not have to copy cells to Word and spellcheck them and then copy back to my spreadsheet... It would be great to know how! Thanks and greetings from Mozambique

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    Re: excel dictionaries

    As far as I know, for Office 97, you can set the language from Word and this will also apply to Excel.
    For Office 2000, you can use the "Microsoft office language settings" program provided with the Office 2000 language Packs.

    Try the following macro to know your language settings in excel:

    Sub LanguageSettings()
    Dim Msg As String
    Dim CountryCode As Integer
    Dim StCs As String
    'the language version of excel or of the currently active office language
    CountryCode = Application.International(xlCountryCode) & vbCrLf
    Select Case CountryCode
    Case 1
    StCs = "US"
    Case 31
    StCs = "The Netherlands"
    Case 32
    StCs = "Belgium"
    Case 33
    StCs = "France"
    Case 44
    StCs = "UK"
    Case 47
    StCs = "Norway"
    Case 351
    StCs = "Portugal"
    End Select
    MsgBox "Excel Language = " & StCs
    End Sub

    The numbers should follow the country codes used by the telephone system.

    Hope this helps.

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