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    Outlook Web Access (Unknown (by me))

    Is there method to transfer email addresses and/or contacts from Outlook and/or Outlook Express for use with OWA?

    Where is the best source of information on OWA?

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    Re: Outlook Web Access (Unknown (by me))

    I have no OWA or Exchange Server experience, but I use OWA Client a bit. If your questions are as an Exchange Server Administrator wanting to set it up, MaryJ, unkamunka, OldDog and others can help.

    From the client/user side, the out-of-the-box OWA setups I have used permit access to the users' server-side Outlook address books, so there is no need for the user to to 'transfer' them from Outlook. I do not know if OWA works for OExpress users, but I don't think so. Within OWA, users can enter e-mail addresses and see if they resolve, and if not, there is a Find Names icon for looking up e-mail addresses.

    Here are a couple of starter links:
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