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    Outlook - how to send multiple emails to junk (Outlook XP)

    I am getting more and more junk email - and I find I have to click on each junk email - one at a time- to send it to the junk folder/list. Is there a way to select multiple emails and send them all the the junk email list? And is there a spam detector that you recommend?

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    Re: Outlook - how to send multiple emails to junk (Outlook XP)

    There have been many threads on anti-spam products in the Software Finds and Wants board. I'm currently using SAProxy 1.2.1, a free "open source" product. It was just superseded last week by a Pro version that costs real money, so I can't recommend either (the no-longer-supported version or the not-fully-ironed-out version), but would think that within a few months it might again be a good choice.

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