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    strategy advice part 2 (A2002)

    This is the second part of my three part question. Again, the big picture of what I need to accomplish is this: take utility bills, break out the various tax amounts reported on them, total them and then report those amounts by quarters.

    My question is this: I need to report the tax amounts totaled by quarter, however the utility bills usually don't bill by quarter. Indeed the billing period may be from mid-month to mid-month while the quarter is from the first day of month 1 to the last day of month 3.

    I'm not coming up with any practical ways of setting this up and could use some suggestions. Thanks for your time in considering this.


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    Re: strategy advice part 2 (A2002)

    I think you merely have to base your reports on the date of the billing. If it is monthly, you will only get 3 bills per quarter whether it is billed mid-month or end-of-month.
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