I just purchased the MS Wireless Optical Elite package (mouse and keyboard) yesterday and I'm really pleased with it so far, but I have an issue with reassigning the internet buttons across the top and wondered if someone had some suggestions. I have two main issues.
1. I reassigned the 'Media' key to my iTunes application which worked fine. My problem is that the volume +/- and 'Mute' keys arent' working. When i press any of them, a little pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen display the volume increasing/decreasing or muting, but the sound doesn't actually change. And this is the case with any application that has sounds. Quite frustrating. Unfortunately, when trying to reassign the keys, there isn't a specific exe for volume up/down/mute.
2. The other is with the 'Play/Pause' and 'Stop' buttons. These buttons actually do the job they are supposed to do, but with one problem. Every time I press one of the keys, I get a Window error response indicating the 'used' exe could cause viruses to my system if downloaded. At the bottom is a checkbox to chose whether to prompt me for this or not in the future and it's checked. Problem is, the checkbox is grayed out. Anyone know where I can uncheck that so I don't receive the popup when turning up/down/muting?

Thanks for any help.