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    ASP? (Access 2000)

    Any one have a example or suggestions for creating a simple ASP page that saves data directly in an access database, i know you can do it through access but i have never done anything with it?


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    Re: ASP? (Access 2000)

    this is very simple, if what you are wanting is a web form that submits data to an access db. You'll need to have a webserver configured on your computer (IIS, probably) in order to run ASP. Create your webform as needed and, on the POST line for the form, point it to the ASP page you will use to read the form data and insert it into an Access db. You will have to be aware of how various form controls work, in the sense of how the data gets read into a db and set up Access accordingly.

    However, you MUST have IIS or some other ASP-enabled webserver installed on your computer to get started. A quick test to see if your system can run ASP is to create an ASP page with this code:

    < %
    response.write "Hello World"
    % >

    and save it as file.asp (not HTM/MTML) - on preview in browser, you should see Hello World. If you don't, you can't run ASP yet anyway. If you can, you'll need to set up a connection to the Access db, grab the form info and submit the data to a properly configured table in Access. Let me know if you need specifics on this other stuff.

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