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    Limit to 'Copy A Sheet' (Excel 2000)

    I need to make copy a sheet many times by using "edit > Move or Copy > Create A Copy". However, after 16 or 17 copies, it would not let me do that anymore. I can still insert blank sheet, that the copy sheet function stops. Why ?

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    Re: Limit to 'Copy A Sheet' (Excel 2000)

    In XL97 I was able to get to 20 copies of Sheet1 before I got bored with it so I could not duplicate it.

    To make it go faster and perhaps prevent whatever problem you are having. After you make the 2nd copy, select both of these and copy them, that will get you 4, then select the 4 and copy to get 8, then those to get 16, continually doubling to get the number you need.

    If you do this a lot you might just want to use a macro and make as many copies as you need and have some scheme for naming them.

    I do wonder about the need for this many duplicates of one sheet. I would think a design that combined them all into one just adding an extra column to represent the sheet name would be more efficient and effective. It would allow use of more of XL's built-in functions (filtering, subtotals, pivot tables, etc), but I am only speculating on why you might want 17 copies of one sheet.


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