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    While you were out (O2002/Exch 2000)

    There used to be an add-in for Outlook 98 called while you were out. It looked a lot like a telephone message pad page. Does anyone know if there is a similar add-in for Outlook 2002 - or when I am brave enough Outlook 2003....

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    Re: While you were out (O2002/Exch 2000)

    The Outlook 98 Microsoft add-in is still available here.

    I have tentatively loaded it in Outlook 2003 and it does seem to run. The loading instructions need to be updated slightly - as you access the Forms Library from Tools|Forms|Choose Form on your Worksheet Menu Bar (rather than Tools|Options|Manage Forms in Outlook 98) and then need to click the dropdown list to navigate away from the Standard Forms Library.

    You might like to give it a try and let us know whether it is otherwise problem-free.

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