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    Verifying Email Address

    I am trying to learn ASP/VBScript so I decided to start a project that would give me a goal to work toward. I am making an online news letter. I have been able to get the address to the database with a form but I can not figure out a way to validate the address. I know how to validate the syntax but I want to send an email to the new address asking the user to confirm it.

    The addesses are stored in an Access database, is there a way to have a message automaticaly sent to any new address from Access? I am on the right track or is the a better way? Thanks!

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    Re: Verifying Email Address

    The database itself is largely passive in this type of configuration, unlike a database you might have open in the Access application. Therefore, I think you want to send the message as part of the same script that is updating the database.

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    Re: Verifying Email Address

    A fine example of me trying to make it more complicated then it needed to be. Thanks that should do the trick just fine.

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