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    WordXP crashes - templates saved into profile dir (OfficeXP)


    I'm not quiet sure which category to post this issue to.

    Within WordXP - for my file locations I set my default user templates to the directory or the company templates. ie Tools>tab File Locations>User templates. C:Program Files
    Microsoft OfficeTemplates....etc

    I noticed that when my WordXP crashes, the File Locations>User templates is now pointing to another path ie C:WinNTProfilesuserNameApplication DataMicrosoft Templates
    & some of my templates have been saved to this directory.
    So now when my Word starts up & I attempt to use my templates from the orginial location (hard coded to look in the dir C:Program Files
    Microsoft OfficeTemplates....etc none of the templates & code work as the templates are now pointing to the C:...Profiles path according to Words user template location.

    Is there a way I can disable & turn this 'feature' off. like a registry key I can hack ( or when word crashes it will edit the registry key anyway & change it back - so theres no point)
    or should I on Words startup - write & hard code the user template path location
    & then ran a script that when the users logon to the pcs that regulary cleans up the C:WInntProfilesuser nameApplication DataMIcrosoft Templates.....otherwise its just going to take up space on the users C:drive.

    you'ld think there would be an easier process.
    Note: my File LocationsDocuments path is set to C:WinNTPersonal
    that wouldnt effect the above would it?

    many thanks

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    Re: WordXP crashes - templates saved into profile dir (OfficeXP)

    The NT administrator can set a policy to restore the registry setting on startup, and perhaps even lock this setting.

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