A couple or three of neat registry tricks to set the forum off:

1] Change that <font color=008080>awful green</font color=008080> logon background colour by altering the RGB values at:
HKEY_USERSDEFAULTControl PanelColorsBackground
0 0 0 = Black, 255 255 255 = White, etc.

2] Display your own logo during logon:
In the winnt directory, locate and make a copy of lanma256.bmp (in case you want it back)
Create an appropriate bitmap and save as lanma256.bmp.
Alternatively, you can edit the registry:
Change the value of Wallpaper to yourlogo.bmp (make sure you keep to the 8.3 naming convention)

3] Set Numlock to come on at Logon by altering:
HKEY_Current_UserControlPanelKeyboardInitialKeyboa rdIndicators to the value 2