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    Move to the next record (Access 2000)

    I want to put a code in the control box having a picture of an arrow, imitating the right arrow in the foot of the form with which the user views the customers
    one after another. My form is a columnar form and has its source in the table customers.Also,when i come to the end of the records,i want to use a left arrow to go backwards till the beginning of the form. I suppose i must use the command Move Next ? But how shall i go back? And how shall i know whether i am at the end of the records?

    P.S. the reason i want to build such arrows for commands to go forwards and back, is that the inbuilt arrows of Access are very small
    and i want to make 2 big arrows for navigaing on and back

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    Re: Move to the next record (Access 2000)

    Do you mean a command button? The easiest way to create command buttons that move to the first, previous, next, or last record, is to use the Command Button Wizard.
    Make sure that the Wizard button on the Toolbox (it is the second button if you haven't modified the Toolbox) is "down", then place a command button on your form. The Record Navigation category contains the actions you want. When you have selected an action, click Next. You'll get a choice of several arrows. Select one, and click Next again. Give the button a meaningful name, for example cmdGoToFirst or cmdGoToNext, then click Finish. The Wizard will automatically create the On Click event procedure for the button.

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