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    Need Space (2000 SP-3)

    While trying to save space on corporate hard drives users have been limited to a pre-set volume on the drive... I am walking a very thin line between having space and "exceeded space please delete before sending" (or saving).
    While we are a compant that uses Outlook to much of its capacity I would like to DELETE all that is in my calendar before a month ago. Many of the calendar items have attachments and they go back over a year! Folder size in the properties of my calendar tell me there is 54Mb... I could recover most of that in one shot if...

    Q: How can I delete everything on my calendar before any date I select?
    There is always a way.

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    Re: Need Space (2000 SP-3)

    Method 1:

    Select File | Archive...
    Click the Calendar folder.
    Enter a date in the "Archive items older than" box.
    Enter a .pst file name in the "Archive file" box (if necessary).
    Click OK.
    For the future, set AutoArchiving options in Tools | Options..., Other tab, AutoArchive (this is for Outlook 2002, might be slightly different in 2000)

    Method 2:

    Activate the calendar.
    Select View | Current View | Define Views.
    Create a view that displays all items in Table view, without grouping, and sorted by Begin or End.
    You can now select all items before a certain date, and delete them.

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    Re: Need Space (2000 SP-3)

    In addition to Hans' good advice, if you are desparate to save server-side space you can also move all your Incoming and Sent Messages off the Server side folders and into your PST with a Rule and a Settings change. (Assuming standard Exchange Server-side user folders and you have a PST.) I do this because I frequently get large attachments and I'm limited to 20 MB of server side space.

    Received Messages:
    Create a Rule To Move all received messages to a PST Folder.

    Sent Messages:
    1. Create a Rule to Move all your Sent Messages to a PST Folder
    2. Under Tools | Options | E-Mail Options UNcheck "Save copies of sent messages in Sent Items folder"

    These are client side rules which only operate while Outlook is running on your machine. They will be ignored if you use OWA. But when your machine is not running Outlook, you will not lose anything. The unchecked setting to "Save copies of sent messages in Sent Items folder" is also ignored if you use the "Send to ... email recipient" option under other applications; you will get a copy both in your Sent Items folder and the PST folder you have slelected. So you will still neeed to do some periodic cleanup, but it cuts way back on the server side storage usage.

    One last consideration, still assuming standard Exchange Server-side user folders. Activate (click on) your server-side Deleted Items Folder. If you have a menu item called "Recover Deleted Items" under Tools, then you have the recovery add-in installed. You may have a large number files hidden under this option; select it and see; permanently delete those you don't want. I have seen a user with nearly 10 MB of junk in this hidden "recovery" folder (we couldn't figure out why his inbound messages were being refused until we found all this stuff).
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