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    Merge in Word to Outlook (XP SP1)

    Can anyone point me to support, or information, for merging document in MS Word to multiple receipients and sending thru Outlook? Merge works fine, SEND seems to function in MS Word but no indication in Outlook that the emails were sent. I suspect that I do not have something in Outlook set correctly.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

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    Re: Merge in Word to Outlook (XP SP1)

    If you are getting annoying security prompts, then the sent messages should appear either in the Outbox, Sent Items, or Drafts folders. If you aren't getting any prompts, and haven't done anything special to suppress them, it's possible that the merge is using Outlook Express. If Outlook Express is you default mail client for mailto in Internet Explorer, that's what I would suspect.

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