Helpful hints and answers to many basiccommon questions asked by Loungers, but which may not be readily available because of the temporary(?) suspension of the search feature. Listed by general catagory.

Lounge settings.

1.Set "cookies" for the Lounge. If you have trouble accessing the Lounge, delete the cookie and let it be reset on the next access.
2. Check your preferences options to view the Lounge as YOU want it.

Command Line stuff.
Click on Start>Run, then type( without quotes):

1."msconfig". will bring up a window with your startup programs listed and the ability to halt or suspend them.
2."SFC /scannow" will scan your system files for missing or corrupt files and replace them as needed.
3."chkdsk" will run a check on a specified drive to check it's integrity.
4."cmd" will bring you to a blank window with a C: prompt.

Windows XP hints.

1.Check for and install Windows Updates hotfixes as needed.
2.Install a firewall.
3.Install a spy blocking program.
4.Install an Ad blocker.

Utilities & Other software.(some with links to download them)

1.Spybot S&D. will search your system for any hidden "spy" files and lets you delete them.
2.AdAware. will search your system for any hidden Advertising file and let you delete them.
3.System Mechanic. A suite of utilites that will clean out junk files, useless registry entries,temporary files and many other debris.
4.Zone Alarm. A FREE firewall to block malware or virus.