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    Changing Dictionary from French to English

    Help! Word has changed dictionaries on me without my permission. <img src=/S/frown.gif border=0 alt=frown width=15 height=15> I have tried the Tools.. Options and also have tried to change the options under the dictionary gui. I use a custom dictionary due to the fact that I teach high school biology. Any help will be greatly appreciated so that I will not have to keep changing back to English to spell check my work.

    Thanks. Eric

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    Re: Changing Dictionary from French to English

    Hi Eric:

    Word2000/97 (& I'm not sure of 95) take their default language settings from the Keyboard settings in the Control Panel. So to make any permanent change to the default language, you must change the Keyboard in the Control Panel.

    Moreover, Word 2000 has an additional feature that causes it to try to automatically determine the language you are actually typing, which in practice does not always match the language of the input locale (keyboard) you are using. This is controlled by the addition to the Language dialog box of a check box entitled Detect Language Automatically. Word will only try to detect languages that are checked in the Office Language Settings utility. (Click on the Start button, choose Programs, select Microsoft Office Tools, and then run Microsoft Office Language Settings.) That is another area that you should check.

    Hope this helps.

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