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    Is my desktop shrinking?

    I'm not sure of the cause, but for the last 2 weeks my Win98SE desktop has shrunk - from the top of the screen, about 3/4 inch. The definable desktop ends there - no settings (monitor, resolution, etc.) will change it. The MS Office toolbar ends there; no icons will place up there. As I boot up, the desktop extends to the top of the monitor, but after the icons populate, they snap down as if the desktop area is a window and I am reducing its size. The only thing that remains there is the desktop background color,

    The only other thing that goes up there is the Windows Media Player (v7) window - and that extends off the top of the screen, so I have to go to the bottom status bar to close it, or to maximize it in order to view anything it's playing. If there's a connection between the two, I don't know of it. The problem didn't start at the same time I upgraded Media Player.
    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Is my desktop shrinking?

    It sounds like your media player, or perhaps you've been to a website such as <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> (Great site for all you music fans...) and downloaded a utility such as thiers which uses a form of windows media player to play streaming media?

    In any case, there's something in your startup folder which is causeing this behavior. Try end-tasking all unecessary programs until your desktop area is re-claimed, then remove that program from your startup folder.

    Hope this helps!
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