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    Growing Header (Word 2002)

    With a new lap top came Word 2002 (XP). When a document was created by cutting and pasting parts from a number of other documents into the old one, the original document size grew from 300 KB to 74 MB! Investigating the reason it became obvious that the entire "growth" was in the header, which consisted of two jpegs. The jpeg itself (when pasted in a photo editor) is only about 200K. All documents from which parts were pasted into the first one had the same jpegs as headers. A virus check did not show the existence of any bugs in the cancerous document. When I copied and pasted just the jpegs only into a new document that also was 72 MB.

    Does anyone have an idea what the reason behind this monstrous growth might be? (It happened on Halloween, so maybe the document is spooked).


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    Re: Growing Header (Word 2002)

    1. Do you happen to have "Preview Picture" checked in File | Properties? That will store a bitmap of the first page.

    2. Have you tried compacting the images?
    - Make a copy of the document.
    - Open the copy.
    - Select a picture.
    - Select Format | Picture...
    - Click Compress Picture...
    - Specify that you want to compress all pictures.
    Note: this doesn't seem to work with pictures in text boxes.

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    Re: Growing Header (Word 2002)

    When you say "the header," is it possible that the JPEG is repeated in several different headers (i.e., if there are multiple sections and the headers in subsequent sections do not have "link to previous" selected)?

    Fast saves turned off? (Tools>Options...>Save tab)

    Tracked changes showing and/or accepted?

    As a general comment, of course, anything over a few megabytes is ridiculously large for Word to handle. The document may well be corrupted, and extracting the text and starting over with a new header probably is the best course.

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