We have three small but distinct workgroups on our network (let's call them GROUP1, GROUP2, and GROUP 5).

Everyone else is using NT4. One laptop has just been upgraded to Win 2000 SP1.

The users in GROUP1 can quickly see everyone else's PC in their workgroup, and if they browse the 'Entire Network' they can see PCs in the other two groups. The same is true of the other two workgroups, which can see others in their own group by exploring their Network Neighborhood, and by searching the 'Entire Network' they can see PCs in the other two groups.

The laptop (the one that we just upgraded to Win 2000) belongs to GROUP5. It can see other PCs in its own group, but now the 'Entire Network' doesn't show the first two workgroups. How come not?

The Admin username/password is the same on ALL the machines. We don't have an NT/Win2K server, although that's probably the obvious answer. The problem is that we eventually want to upgrade more laptops which will be used in remote branch office with NT4 PCs. All the machines need to be able to see one another without hitches. Am I missing something obvious?

Is there a way to ditch the 'friendly' interface, and get to the nitty-gritty of installing different network services and protocols; something like the old NT4 way?