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    Running Org Chart in Word 2000 (Word 2000 SP 3)

    Hi all - I'm running into a problem with Org. Chart 2.0 in Word 2000, and I thought I'd throw it on this board to see if anyone else has had this issue before, and how they possibly solved it. If a normal end-user attempts to Insert | Object | Org. Chart 2.0 they are getting an error "Unable to load MS Org Chart. Press F1 for help" or they get some error about "Microsoft/Windows Installer" However, if I have run Word (or Excel for that matter) as a different user - particularly under my domain administrator account - the program will run fine. I assume that a normal user has to have some sort of local admin or special rights to their machine in order for this to run properly, but we really don't want to go around making end users local admins. Let me know if you have run into this before, and if so, what you did to resolve it. Thanks so much - Sat.

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    Re: Running Org Chart in Word 2000 (Word 2000 SP 3)

    Since nobody else reacted, I'll hazard an answer. Although the following MSKB article is for PowerPoint, it applies to other Office applications too: PPT2000: Cannot Insert an Organization Chart If You Use Windows NT or 2000.

    Also make sure that Org Chart hasn't been installed to "Load on Demand".

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