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Thread: Broken TWAIN

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    Broken TWAIN

    On a Gateway, Pentium 233, Windows 98, why would OCR and graphics programs suddenly be unable to access my HP Scanjet 4100C. The error message says: "Can't open TWAIN source: HP PrecisionScan LT 1.02.

    This all started when my OCR program, Abby FineReader, gave me that error message. I had used it successfully about 9 months before, so I know it's not the OCR program. Then their hotline had me try to access the scanner through a graphics program, and sure enough, Paint Shop Pro gave me the same message. As the message shows, both programs know what they are trying to access; they just say they can't.

    Reinstalling the scanner did not help. Nor did the updated scanner software, including TWAIN driver. Nor did the updated version of the OCR program. I am also stymied because HP conveniently no longer supports the 4100C, but I do feel that the problem is not their driver. Oh, the scanner works fine. Their software works fine. I just can't access it through other programs, which comes down to the TWAIN driver.

    So, what changes have I made since I used the OCR program 9 months ago. Probably lots. But only one thing seems relevant. I tried to set up a fax program. I was instructed to go back to my Windows 98 disk to find a Windows 95 program:
    "Where is MS Fax?
    On the W98 disk in toolsoldwin95messageus are 3 files: wms.exe and awfx.exe and wms-fax.txt.
    run wms.exe. This will install Windows Messaging. Then run awfax.exe, this installs Winfax Lite.
    You'll also find a wms-fax.txt file in that folder, you should read that first. 20 July 1998"

    I think this might be connected with my current problem because though I could fax text files, I could not get the fax program to run the scanner -- so this might be when it started. Or it could have started before then, who knows.

    Anyway, if anybody knows anything about TWAIN troubles, your help would surely be appreciated.
    Thanks, Al

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    Re: Broken TWAIN

    Hi Al,

    When you say that you reinstalled the scanner, did you uninstall it first? If you don't, Windows might not replace any corrupted files that are affecting your system

    It might also be an idea to uninstall the fax software, especially if it post-dates your scanner's software, since the problem may be with an 'update' applied by the latter.


    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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