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    Disappearing Fonts

    Even though all of the fonts are still there in the C/WINDOWS/FONTS folder, suddenly all of the applications and the OS dialog boxes on my WinME machine can only display using the few basic system fonts (5, I think). I have tried the RESTORE option with no change in the situation. When I run the FontView program, an error message saying that there are no valid TTF files in the "Specified" folder is returned. (There is no option when I run the program to select a folder.) ScanReg and Norton Utilities do not find any problem.
    This is a real problem and I would appreciate any help that you all can give me.
    Nick / Tokyo

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    Re: Disappearing Fonts

    Please don't cross post in different forums without explicitly referring to the other thread. You asked the same question in <post#=311050>post 311050</post#>; I posted a reply there.

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