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    Outlook slow on opening (Ver. 10.0.4024)

    Some time ago my Outlook started opening very slowly, about a 40 second delay before the splash screen disappeared and I was actually in the program. I believe that this was about concurrent with one of the MS updates but am not certain of that. Anyway, I am now at the point where this aggravation is sufficient that I would like to do something about it. I think there was something in one of Woody's ezines that may have alluded to this situation but I cannot find it. If anyone can tell me how to correct this situation, I would really appreciate it.

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    Re: Outlook slow on opening (Ver. 10.0.4024)

    This happens to me mostly if Outlook crashes. Sometimes Outlook will crash even if I closed it properly, if it is being kept alive in memory by Word or Internet Explorer. So, the first thing to suspect that is that Outlook is opening slowly because it is checking the integrity of your main PST after it was closed in a manner Outlook didn't like.

    The second sort of delay I've noticed was related to an anti-spam add-in I was using for a while. I'm not sure what it was doing that took 10-15 seconds, but it always did (this was on an 800MHz PIII). So think about any other programs/processes that start up when you start Outlook as potential culprits.

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