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    MS Access Switchboard (SR-1)

    With the help of and Woody's lounge, I found the Switchboard Manager in MS Access 2000 and created a switchboard. I set the main board up as the default and exited the Manager. When I tried to find it in the Startup options, it wasn't listed, nor was it listed in the Forms window. Has anybody else had this problem and if so, how did you work around it?

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    Re: MS Access Switchboard (SR-1)

    Setting a switchboard page as default in the Switchboard Manager doesn't make it into the startup form, it only means that when you open the switchboard, that particular page will be displayed first. To set the switchboard (or any other form) as startup form for the database, select Tools | Startup... and select it in the dropdown list to the left of the OK button.

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