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    Losing Style area when displaying Reviewing pane (Word XP)

    It's gotta be a bug. I mean, MS wouldn't have made a decision like this so arbitrarily...would they?

    I ALWAYS work with my Style area displayed in Normal view. Today I had to add a comment for the first time since getting Word XP (migrated from W97). I added the comment, which automatically activated the Reviewing Pane. And when I closed it...goodbye Style area.

    1) Can I add comments without displaying the Reviewing Pane, which I hate? 2) If not, can I stop the Reviewing Pane from turning off the Style area?

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    Re: Losing Style area when displaying Reviewing pane (Word XP)

    Suggestion: Customize the Insert menu to replace Microsoft's Insert>Comment command (Id:=1589) with your own macro. Something along these lines will bring back the behavior you're looking for:

    <pre>Sub MyInsertComment()
    Selection.Comments.Add Range:=Selection.Range
    End Sub</pre>

    This will not rewire the Reviewing Toolbar, but you could do that, too, if you felt it necessary.

    (Previous comments: There is no simple way to override the Insert>Comment command, as there is with so many other menu commands. Naming a sub InsertComment, which is the normal approach, doesn't seem to work for me. The new command InsertNewComment (Id:=6969) doesn't match up with the menu command. While these commands could be intercepted with events triggered off of their ID values, that's a LOT more work.)

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