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    Locked out of normal web site?

    While attempting to access I was told I was not authorized to enter that site. I was finally able to gain entrance, then when I tried to goto Jerry Pournelle's column I received the same message. I go to these sites almost daily and have never received a message like this. What is going on???

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    Re: Locked out of normal web site?

    Hi Mike:

    1. You could try again, maybe something was wrong with the server.
    2. Check Tools/Internet Options/Security tab. Could it somehow be listed as a restricted site.
    3. You could also check the Content tab & see if the site was placed disapproved sites.
    4. If you also have Netscape or another browser, you could try to access it to see if it's some setting in IE.

    Offhand, I can't think of anything else.

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