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    Setting a form's size (2000)

    Is there a guaranteed wa y of changing the size of a non maximised form? I often get a problem when I return to an existing form, usually to add more controls, that the form keeps its old width and height, even though I have adjusted both. I do this by dragged the edges of the window, extending the edges of the form area inside the window and saving in both design and form views. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and I am not sure why. I've tried to do this with the auto resize on and off. I get the same problem. I think I get the same problem whether the form has a record source or not. Am Imissing something obvious?

    PS. A while ago someone gave me a link to an article somewhere when I was having problems switching between maximised and non maximised forms. I've lost the link. Can anyone remember what it was or point me towards anything similar?

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    Re: Setting a form's size (2000)

    Do you mean <post#=295756>post 295756</post#> and the reply by MarkD? (I sorted the posts in the forum by Poster; that way I could locate threads initiated by you.)

    Auto Resize always work for me if I open a form from the database window. But there are in which Auto Center and Auto Resize are ignored:
    - If you switch from design view to form view. You can use Window | Size to Fit Form to make the window snap to the form size.
    - See ACC2000: AutoCenter and AutoResize Properties Ignored.

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