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    Simplify function (Access 2000)

    Can i simplify my function

    On my form FCustomers i am placing valies in the combo box afid depending on the choice in the list obx of the form FOrderInformation.

    I have the following working function
    Public Function CustomersPerOffice()

    Select Case Forms![FOrderInformation]![Office] , Office is a list box enumerating the differtent cities, for example
    ' Forms![FOrderInformation]![Office]= 1 , is the office in Paris
    ' Forms![FOrderInformation]![Office]= 2 ' is the officed in Milano

    Case 1
    Forms![FCustomers].![afid].value = 1
    Case 2
    Forms![FCustomers].![afid].value = 2
    Case 3
    Forms![FCustomers].![afid].value = 3

    I have 15 cases

    End Function

    The above function works perfeclty. However, I want to simplify my function in the following way

    Public Function CustomersPerOffice()
    Dim f As Form
    Set f = Forms![FCustomers]
    Dim city As Long
    City = Forms![FOrderInformation]![office] - 1
    f![afid] = " & city & "
    End Function

    However i get the answer that i cannot assign the value.
    May i have some help as how to do it ?

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    Re: Simplify function (Access 2000)

    Why do you subtract 1 from the value of Forms![FOrderInformation]![Office]? From the first bit of code, it would seem that afid should be equal to Office.

    And why do you try to set afid to a constant string? The expression " & city & " is a literal string.

    My guess would be that you can simply use

    Public Function CustomersPerOffice()
    Forms![FCustomers]![afid] = Forms![FOrderInformation]![office]
    End Function

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