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    New XP over ME (Not sure)


    After reading some of the posts here, I am sure I did this all wrong, but it was a bit of an emergency and we didn't have internet access from home (hence the emergency nature). Last night, I did a full install of XP Home over an increasingly flakey ME. I elected to convert to NTFS at the same time (I know, I know). The result is a computer that is up and running and now sees our internet connection. I have not had time to do any set-up or tuning as yet. I am posting this from work. My questions are these:

    I seem to have lost all accumulated e-mail messages (using Outlook Express). Same for browser favorites. Same for contents of My Documents folders. I did back up most of C-drive folders (not Windows) on CD's prior to install, but used the "direct CD" format which is propriatary. Upon attempting to load the CD software on new system, am told "there is a known issue" with that version and while software will load, it will not run.

    Any suggestions on recovering e-mails, favorites, and My Docs? I suspect we are SOL, but would love to hear from the group.


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    Re: New XP over ME (Not sure)


    I don't think you're SOL--I think you'll be just fine, but in a perfect theoretical world--although you can do this of course, I would not have installed anything over Windows ME, but you did and I think the probability of things that can happen on an install presented you with this rather than the fact that you upgraded from Win ME. Your conversion to the NTFS file system I belive was the best thing to do--I favor it over FAT 32 but I have seen the arguments go both ways.

    1)There are several ways to go after your documents. I would look for them first on the drive where you have your OS--probably "C" but not necessarily--I don't know for sure. They would probably be in the Couglas or Computer NameDocuments and Settings Folder and here is a thread on all the ways to find My Documents--I know because they called it My Documents:

    My Documents Folder November 10, 2003 Windows 2000 (Will Apply to XP I Based it on My XP System

    Finding OE:

    See as Reference and follow my steps below:
    Recovering a Lost Message Store for Reference All Scenarios

    First make sure you show all hidden files and folders including Windows. When you install OE 5 and up--OE6SP1 is the newest version, messages are supposed to migrate to the new .dbx file structure, but for unknown reasons, some times they don't.

    If any semblance of OE is open, and I doubt it is, close it.

    1) To find your OE folders--open Windows Explorer of any folder> Tools>Folder Options> View Tab>Check Show All Hidden Folders>Show All Hidden Windows Folders. The inbox will be under a hidden folder.

    2) Search for the Folders.dbx file or *.dbx.
    3) Go to File -> Import -> Messages. Select "Outlook Express 6", click Next.
    4) On the new page check "Import mail from an OE6 store directory", click
    5) Click Browse and specify the path (folder) to the found .dbx files.
    6) Select folders you want to import and click Next.
    7)You have imported the messages, click Finish.

    If this does not work for any reason, then many people favor using a tool called

    I would follow advice often given by very experienced OE users to turn off autocompacting--it can just cause corruption and additional problems. Tools>Options>Maintenance.

    When you have your OE back, I'd update to OE6 SP1:

    October 2002, Cumulative Update for Outlook Express 6.0 SP1

    I'd patch IE and update it to IE6SP1 at the IE page. I'd also get this IE update:

    MS03-032: August 2003 Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer

    hth, and post back how you are doing,


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