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    Legal Blackline (Word XP)

    Is there a way to legal blackline either 2 versions (or separate documents) that have Outline Numbering in them (using Heading styles) and NOT show the formatting changes in the legal blackline as inserted text? We have two versions of a document one not Outline numbered and one that is and the Legal Blackline shows all paragraphs as being inserted since the styles were added. I'm fairly confident that the answer is no....but wanted to see if someone has found a workaround or other way (outside of purchasing a third party comparison product) to do this.

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    Re: Legal Blackline (Word XP)

    From Word, copy and paste this macro; then run it on the document that has outline numbering in it. This will conver tthe autonumbering to hard coded numbers. Save the new document and then compare this new document with the one not outline numbered.

    Sub NumberingAutoToHardcoded()

    'converts autonumbers to hard coded
    Dim iResp As Integer
    iResp = MsgBox("This macro converts automatic paragraph numbers to hard coded." _
    & vbCr & "Click Yes to convert the entire document." & vbCr & _
    "Click No to convert only the selected paragraphs." & vbCr & _
    "Click Cancel to stop the macro.", _
    vbYesNoCancel, "Delete Hard Numbers")
    If iResp = vbYes Then
    ActiveDocument.ConvertNumbersToText (wdNumberAllNumbers)
    ElseIf iResp = vbNo Then
    Selection.Range.ListFormat.ConvertNumbersToText (wdNumberAllNumbers)
    End If
    End Sub


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