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    Word merge to eMail, how else might I have tackled

    Greetings loungers

    Recently I had to disseminate some information across an organisation so staff could verify the contents of an HR database. As well some new an unrelated information needed to be collected.

    The database was not directly available to staff. No direct editing via a form permissable.
    Some data existed as multiple rows within a related table in the database. Standard 1 to many relationship. Not all staff had related info.

    A constraint was that the data was to round trip via email.

    My solution was to mailmerge the data from the one side of the relationship and email as attachment. Each user thus received a doc showing their Personal ID along with their other personal details

    I created a template and loaded it into the Word startup location. This template contained a script with an SQL select query against the database. The users executed the query from a menu which prompted for their personal ID and the resultant record set populated a bookmark.
    The document was then returned if there were any amendments.

    It all works but could I have simplified the task. Any thoughts ?


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    Re: Word merge to eMail, how else might I have tackled

    Your query is on the worng (?) board. May be the VBA Board would be more appropriate.

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