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    Exporting Large file (Word XP)

    Could someone help me with the following:

    I need some code to open Word doc extract sentence 1-10000 to a txt file and then closing thw Word doc if possible Word as well & then re-opening & extracting sentence 10001-20000. My aim is to clear the memory, because it seems like as soon as the export file gets to large it slows the machine down, so my aim is to release/clear the memory between the creation of the differant files. Somebody told I should use VBS & restart Word but I'm clueless in VBS. Please assist


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    Re: Exporting Large file (Word XP)

    That's a lot of lines. Word can handle large text files, but has issues with (1) tables and (2) find and replace operations that make hundreds of replacements. In the case of huge tables, Word gets very slow and may corrupt; with replace, the Undo buffer fills up. If you don't have either of these issues, I'm not sure you need to worry about the size of the file.

    If you still want to split it up, can you explain what you mean by "sentence"? Word is very good at separating "paragraphs"; individual lines in a paragraph, or individual sentences, will be little trickier.

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