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    Update problem (2000 SR-1)

    I've added a Yes/No field to a form. I'm trying to update existing records with the default value (No). I set up an update query that replaces a null (Is Null in query) value with 0 (No).

    When I look at the data sheet, the new field shows an empty check box instead of a 0. I've compared the form field properties and the table properties but I can't see what's wrong. The only disrepancy was in the table design. For this new field, both the data type and the format show Yes/No. For existing Yes/No fields, only the data type shows Yes/No; the format shows nothing. I tried deleting the Yes/No value from the format of the new field, but the change wouldn't stick.

    As far as the data and the end user, this might not even be a problem. I'm just concerned when I see an inconsistency like this.


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    Re: Update problem (2000 SR-1)

    A Yes/No field is displayed as a check box by default.
    Check box ticked = Yes = True = -1.
    Check box cleared = No = False = 0.

    In a table or query, you can change the way a Yes/No field is displayed by clicking in the field in design view, then selecting the Lookup tab. The Display Control property offers three options:
    - Check Box
    - Text Box
    - Combo Box

    If you want to display a Yes/No field as a text box on a form or report, you must place an unbound text box in the detail section, then set its Control Source to the Yes/No field.

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