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    Couple of Advanced questions (Excel 2000 SP3)

    1. An easy one (I think) - I was under the impression that when you right-click one of the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the Excel screen, and choose Insert | Worksheet | OK, that you'd get 1 new worksheet added to your workbook. However, mine is adding 3 new sheets and I can't figure out why. Is this some sort of setting?
    2. A little more difficult - Is there a way to rename a worksheet tab automatically. Meaning: Can I set up a spreadsheet so that when information is entered in a particular cell, that sheet will automatically be renamed with the information in that cell? I am setting up an end user workbook, and each worksheet will be for a particular patient in our practice. Since the end users are not as "excel friendly", the less key strokes the better, and I don't know that they know how to rename worksheet tabs, etc.
    3. Finally - is there a way to automatically resort the worksheets alphabetically. Is it possible that when, for example, the user closed the workbook, Excel would auto sort the worksheets at close?

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    Re: Couple of Advanced questions (Excel 2000 SP3)

    1. The number of sheets inserted is equal to the number of sheets that was selected.

    2. See the thread starting at <post#=306914>post 306914</post#> for examples of code that renames worksheets automatically based on the contents of a cell.

    3. See Sorting Worksheets In A Workbook on Chip Pearson's website for a macro that sorts worksheets. You could call this macro from a Worksheet_BeforeSave event handler in ThisWorkbook.

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