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    Copying Excel tables into Word (Excel XP)

    I have some Excel tables which I have asked people to fill out. When I get them back, I paste them into a Word document as tables. However, the results can be varied. Sometimes the tables are filled with lots of spaces (for example, the cell might hae $1.45 in it, but it appears as<pre>"$ 1.45 "</pre>

    with heaps of spaces all around the amount. Do you know why this happens, or how to prevent it?

    <!t>[pre]<!/t> and <!t>[/pre]<!/t> tags added by HansV to show "heaps of spaces" that are otherwise ignored by HTML.

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    Re: Copying Excel tables into Word (Excel XP)

    Windows (or Office) tries to transfer the cells to Word with formatting preserved. If your cells are formatted with Financial format, the Format string looks like<pre>_-$ * #,##0.00_-</pre>

    This means:
    "_-": reserve a space for a minus sign.
    "$": display a dollar sign, left aligned.
    "* ": insert as much space as needed to fill the cell.
    "#,##0.00": display the number with thousands separators and two decimals.
    "_-": reserve space for a minus sign.

    If you use Currency format, you won't get the spaces between the $ sign and the number, but you'll still get a space after it.

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