I have a multi boot machine - can boot to Win2K or Win XP. The Win2k machine has Office 2K, the XP machine has Office XP, both machines will all OS and Office updates. CPU = 700 Mhz;RAM=1gig; 3 x identical brand 80 gig drives, 1 dedicated to XP; 1 dedicated to 2K; 1 with shared data. Virtual memory in both cases managed by Windows ie no overrides by me
I have an Access database using ODBC to access accounting data in MYOB (a popular accounting package in Australia - recently just bought out by Quickbooks in US and Canada).
Before setting up the XP machine, I had gradually developed the database (using Office 2K on Windows 2K) with queries, reports etc and whilst it wasn't a speed demon, it went OK.
Finally getting to the point - a particular make table query on the WinXP machine using Office XP - (Access 2000 file format ) takes over 8 hours to finish. Exactly the same query, using the same ODBC drivers and same Accounting file, takes just on 1 minute on the 2K/2K machine.
Apoligies if this is naughty but I will also post this to both the Access and XP forum

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