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    Open Form to Specific Record (Access 97)

    Here is what I currently have:

    Query: BudgetCoordinatorEMail
    Fields: UserID, BCReview, LastName, FirstName, Plant, EMailSent (Yes/No check box)
    Criteria: Plant = "Budget Coordinator"
    BCReview: Is Null
    EMailSent: No

    Form: UserBC
    All fields used in report. All textbox names = field names

    What I would like to do is have the form open then the user types in the UserID and that userID's information is displayed. Which would allow the user to confirm the users name. Then the user would check the EmailSend box, then click a button at the bottom which would send the information on the form to the UserID. The "button" portion, I do not believe I will have any difficulties with, however, it is getting the form to display only the information that is associated with the userid the user inputs has me agains a wall.

    I have looked at "OpenArgs" but am having difficulty in understanding them.

    I have been trying to stay away from combo boxes, but with no luck anywhere else I attempted them. However, the box does show the userid's but, when one is selected, it does not bring up the rest of the information.

    Any suggestions as to how to correct this.

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    Re: Open Form to Specific Record (Access 97)

    Try the Combo Box Wizard, it does almost all the work for you.
    <UL><LI>Open the form in design view.
    <LI>Make sure that the "Control Wizards" button (the magic wand) on the Toolbox is on (down).
    <LI>Put a combo box on the form, for example in the form header.
    <LI>The Combo Box Wizard starts.
    <LI>The first step offers three options. Select the third one (Look up a record).
    <LI>Click Next.
    <LI>Select the table or query that will populate the list; this might well be the BudgetCoordinatorEMail query; if so, select Queries, then the name of the query.
    <LI>Click Next.
    <LI>Select the field(s) you want to display in the list. UserID should be the first, you can select more if you like.
    <LI>Click Next.
    <LI>If you selected more than one field, Access will probably suggest to hide the key column; it's up to you to decide. You can adjust the column wotdth(s) in this step.
    <LI>Click Next.
    <LI>Enter a label for the combo box.
    <LI>Click Finish.[/list]Access will create the combo box, complete with code in the After Update event.

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