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    Mail Merge to Word (2000)

    I have an Excel spreadsheet and I am attempting to merge various fields on sheet 2 - into a Word 2000 document. When I do the mail merge - I should be getting an option to choose the worksheet that I want to merge from. (This is the case in XP) What I do get is an option to merge the entire worksheet and nothing else. It then only allows me to merge the data in worksheet 1.

    Any ideas on why this is?

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    Re: Mail Merge to Word (2000)

    If you use DDE, you can only "see" the first worksheet in the workbook, unless the workbook is open to another worksheet in Excel when you initiate the mail merge. To use other methods, make sure that "Select Method" is checked in the Open Data Source dialog.

    See MSKB article HOW TO: Use an Excel Data Source for Mail Merge in Word 2000 for details.

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