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    Error from Receiving (POP) server: 0x8004210a (2002 - SP2)

    OL often returns errors when doing a Send/Receive: "...reported error 0x8004210a ...timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP server)...." ISP/POP provider says everything is OK on his end of the T-1 connection. OL profile has 4 POP and 1 Exchange account, with all mail being delivered to a .PST. MSkB articles suggest the problem to be antivirus scanning email, but Norton Corp Edition client is not configured to scan email. Other posts suggest it's a problem of "parallel", rather than sequential, querying of the multiple POP accounts (3 of which are located on same POP server). Questions (1) Any other possible causes? (2) Are there any post-SP2 fixes for OfficeXP that might address this issue?

    On a semi-related issue, when I went to Office Update, it lists SP1 and SP2 as needing to be downloaded, but Help/About lists version as XP SP-2 (10.4712.4219). What gives?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Error from Receiving (POP) server: 0x8004210a (2002 - SP2)

    I've never tried to query 3 accounts on the same server at once. Perhaps it does make sense, if each has a lot of mail, to extend the time-out from the default (I forget) to something longer. You should be able to access it from

    Tools>E-mail Accounts>View and Change accounts>Select Account>Change...>More Settings...

    on the Advanced tab. If this leads to just a longer wait before getting the error, then perhaps there are other issues. Do you use any anti-spam filters?

    As for the SP2, your build number is up-to-date, so I don't know. Maybe one of your Office components is out of date, e.g., something that got installed on demand after the last SP was applied. The Installer is supposed to magically apply the SP to that, too, but it's possible that the magic failed.

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    Re: Error from Receiving (POP) server: 0x8004210a (2002 - SP2)

    When this happens, shut down Outlook, go to Task Manager (Alt-Ctrl-Delete) and kill the Outlook process that is running. You will find that this is the problem or that your ISP server is NOT working or is running slow.
    Restart Outlook and give it a try.

    One on the things that keeps my Outlook running in the background is my Pocket PC, another will be a Fax program.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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