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    Can't select default datasheet font (Access XP)

    I can no longer set the default datasheet font in the Access Options menu. The pop up that previously contained the font list is blank. All other font related functions with other applications appear to be working. I can manually set the font for a datasheet view without problems. All of my datasheet views have changed to the new unknown default font.

    The problem appeared after restarting the machine from a hard crash caused by Zone Alarm's True Vector service. After patching to the latest release of Zone Alarm Pro (released this week), I used the machine without incident for a while. Then the machine became very slow for a few minutes, and a dialog box popped up stating that the True Vector service had shut down and did I want to restart it. I clicked yes and was presented with my boot sequence. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP-1. After the restart, my datasheet fonts were different, and I discovered the problem with Options.

    I guess I'm looking for a registry setting. Anyone have ideas? I've already tried the Repair option in MS Office. This kind of thing drives me nuts.


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    Re: Can't select default datasheet font (Access XP)

    The only suggestion I can find in the MS newsgroups are:
    1) You may have too many fonts installed; the recommendation is to check the Fonts control panel, and remove fonts you don't need.
    2) Check that you still have a default printer installed after your recent crash.

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