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    Form based on multiple tables (XP)

    I have a form that is based on 3 tables - persons, education and test scores. PersonsID is the primary key for the persons table. The other two tables have their own primary keys, but also have the PersonsID field on which the three tables are related. When I enter data into the form, it creates records in the three tables, but does not fill in the PersonsID for education or test scores. Education and test score data is stored in the respective tables, but doesn't show up on the form because the link field is blank. Is there a way to fill in the PersonsID automatically for the 2 related tables? Thanks.

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    Re: Form based on multiple tables (XP)

    Create a form based on the persons table alone. Create a subform based on the education table, and another one based on the test scores table. Put the subforms on the first form, and link them to the main form by PersonsID. That way, PersonsID will be filled in automatically in the subforms, and hence in the tables they are based on.

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