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    Outlook Exits (XP Pro SP2)

    This is a strange occurrence! I open a message, read it and then delete it and when I do Outlook closes. This happens all the time from Outlook users at one particular company. When I restart Outlook, the message is gone and I can go on with reading (and deleting) mail in my inbox. If I happen to come upon another message from an employee at this same organization, the same thing happens. As I said, this is very strange. Anybody have any ideas?

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    Re: Outlook Exits (XP Pro SP2)

    That's crazy! Okay, some random thoughts. When you delete, is the message moved from the Inbox to the Deleted Items folder, or is it truly being permanently deleted? If it's being moved to Deleted Items, does the same thing happen if you close the message and manually drag it from Inbox to Deleted Items? If so, I would suspect some kind of "rule" or other code associated with the Deleted Items folder that has problems with these messages. If that works okay, then there might be something in the "form" associated with the message. Does the message arrive in RTF format? If you choose Tools>Design this Form, does it contain any VBScript coding in it?

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