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    IE5.5 Favorites Folder

    Does anyone else have this problem? When IE5.5 was installed, it did two annoying things:
    1) made a Favorites out of the imported bookmarks from Netscape Navigator in the normal location (C:WindowsFavorites) and a copy in another folder (C:Training). It is currently using the latter -- I know because I just checked which one got changed.
    2) Set the Favorites to the C:Training folder and listed every file and folder in it. These are live connections -- if I delete a file, it is gone for real.

    Does anyone know how to fix either or both of these problems?

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    Re: IE5.5 Favorites Folder

    If you are up to mucking about in the Registry, you could check out the Shell Folders key under WindowsCurrentVersionExplorer (see attached). I believe this is global and will divert IE to the original folder. If, in fact, IE is using some folder other than the one designated in this key, that would be big news!
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